The Sheppard Family Youth Music Fund

Applying for the grant.

The Sheppard Family Youth Music Fund was established in 2022 as a permanent Donor-Advised endowment fund with the Saskatoon Community Foundation.

The principal portion of the fund is held in perpetuity and invested by the Saskatoon Community Foundation as part of an aggregate, professionally managed investment pool. The annual net investment income earned by the fund is intended to be disbursed to support a broad range of youth music programs with a preference, but not exclusivity, for inner city youth.

Annual disbursements from the fund will be for approved applications requesting financial support relating to any one of the following categories, with a bias to instrumental items versus vocal, namely:

  • Group or individual musical education;
  • Instruction, teaching, adjudication;
  • Performance, rentals, promotion;
  • Travel, accommodation, band camp;
  • Musical instruments or related musical gear;
  • Musical instrument repairs and tuning;
  • Music scores, uniforms;
  • Registrations, tuition, fees;
  • Bursaries

The Process

The Sheppard Family Youth Music Fund is a Donor Advised Fund under which the Fundholder, upon receipt of applications for financial support reviews, assesses the applications and advises the Saskatoon Community Foundation for disbursement to successful grant applicants donees.

A three-person Review Committee established and Chaired by the Fundholder shall be responsible for carrying out the review and decision-making process relating to donee funding applications.

All grants being disbursed must be provided to qualified donees as defined by the Income Tax  Act, and be in compliance with the policies and administrative procedures of the Saskatoon Community Foundation.

Receipt of applications and funding of approved requests will not occur until Year 2024.

Application dates: TBD

Applications must include appropriate information to assist reviewers in deciding the funding request. This information will usually include but is not limited to: a description of the project, a description and history of the organization, budget information, and verifiable identification of financial need. 

All applications must be submitted by the application deadline for the program. Late applications will not be considered.

The Fundholder’s Review Committee will review all complete applications.

The Sheppard Family Youth Music Fund

Submit a Paper Application

For applicants who wish to apply on paper instead of online, please submit your completed application to:

[email protected]

Do not submit the same application both online and on paper.